Sunday, November 22, 2009

Chapter 1 - Page 3: A Mysterious Figure Appears!

Page 3!!! Katsumi has made it to work and we get introduced to a key character, Minoru Naga. We see now that Katsumi works at Sigma-Denjin Robotics, a part of the Megamechanica Corporation. At Sigma-Denjin, or S-D, they manufacture all types of robots from working class to personal use and everything in between. They may be one of the smallest sectors in the corporation but for a small prefecture like Tokyo-3, it pretty much employs most of the general population there. It also takes up a lot of space and not everyone is happy about what they do there and how much of a monopoly S-D has on Tokyo-3.

This page I had tried out some new things that didn't quite work, I was trying to tweak the designs a bit to be a bit more cartoony but didn't quite acheive what I wanted. I felt it hurt the designs more than helped them but I had to push forward and try for better things on the next page. In the end it doesn't look horrible but it could look a hell of a lot better. I was reading an amazing manga at this time, 21st Century Boys and that was inspiring me big time.

Again, thanks for all the comments, I hope you keep reading and enjoying the comic!