Sunday, November 1, 2009

Chapter 1 - Page 1: Big Robots in Little Tokyo3

First page. It wasn't the first page finished tho, I think I did this one 3rd. I was still working some style things out so I thought I'd save this one till I had things looking a little tighter.

This page kind of drops you right in on the action, and thats the point. Giant robots attacking the city? WTF!!!

Thanks for reading and enjoy!


  1. are you kidding me right now? this is gorgeous!!!!!!

  2. cool work, hope to see more, keep on it! you got nice colour work, reminds me of Sean Galloway's "Bastion's 7", it'll be awesome to find out who this robot fella is, and why this girl is fighting him. can't wait!

  3. What happens NEXT?!

    This looks awesome Dan!!!

  4. NICE man! Been waiting for this for a while. When do we see more, weekly? Bi-weekly? Can't wait, nice color palette too.