Sunday, November 1, 2009

Apricot 7 is GO!

Welcome to the online home of Apricot 7!

This is the first post for what will be an ongoing comic project of mine. The goal is to produce something first and foremost, for myself. It's an exercise to help me grow not only as an artist but also as a storyteller. I have quite a story in mind for this so if anyone ends up reading this, I hope your in for a ride. This may only be a temporary home for the comic as I'd like something a little fancier than just a blog, but I couldn't wait any longer to get this online, so here it is!

The posts might not follow a specific deadline, I also work full-time as a concept artist and don't always have a lot of time for myself but when I do, I work on this little labor of love. So while this may not work for people used to reading their web comics on a weekly basis, all I can say is that if you stick around, you will not be disappointed.

As I post pages, I will also include notes for that page, like what I was listening to when I worked on that specific page, style/production notes and general nonsense but always in context to the page being posted. Expect a lot of change from page to page, I am constantly trying new things and am not tying myself down to any specific style or genre. Anything goes in this comic.

Now that doesn't mean I'll be changing things drastically, like going from say, manga style to american comics...the style for the most part is already set, but I will deviate if need be, find more ways to be efficient or change it if I just don't like whats going on. In the end I want the comic to be stylish, fun, and of as high quality as I can produce...that also takes time, so if it's not the way I want it, I won't post it til it's right.

So Enjoy, I really love making this comic, I hope that comes through and I hope you have a blast reading it. If you like action, mystery, adventure and intrigue, humor and hot girls, I think you'll enjoy!


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