Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chapter 1 - Page 5: What Is Sector 7???

Page 5!!! Our girl, Katsumi, struggles at grasping the task ahead of her. What will she find in Sector 7? What mysteries lie in wait?

I've decided a bit less blah blah and a bit more comic is what is needed around here so I'll be lightening up on the commentary. As you can see with this latest page, the style has shifted to a more cartoony, more cutesy style. I like this, it's the look I was aiming for. So for now, I'm in a good spot I think.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Chapter 1 - Page 4: A Dangerous Task!

Page 4!!! The mysterious figure from the last page seems to be Katsumi's boss...but he seems very shifty and...mysterious! What business is he taking care of and what diabolical task could he have for our girl, Katsumi???

This page was a bit of an inbetween figuring stuff out phase for me. You can see some of the drawings of Katsumi are even rougher than the last page...It was at this point that I decided I needed to simplify things for myself so I kind of went back to the drawing board to figure some stuff out.

Hope everyone is enjoying it so far, I know it's a bit slow paced to start but trust me, things will pick up. Thanks for sticking around!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Chapter 1 - Page 3: A Mysterious Figure Appears!

Page 3!!! Katsumi has made it to work and we get introduced to a key character, Minoru Naga. We see now that Katsumi works at Sigma-Denjin Robotics, a part of the Megamechanica Corporation. At Sigma-Denjin, or S-D, they manufacture all types of robots from working class to personal use and everything in between. They may be one of the smallest sectors in the corporation but for a small prefecture like Tokyo-3, it pretty much employs most of the general population there. It also takes up a lot of space and not everyone is happy about what they do there and how much of a monopoly S-D has on Tokyo-3.

This page I had tried out some new things that didn't quite work, I was trying to tweak the designs a bit to be a bit more cartoony but didn't quite acheive what I wanted. I felt it hurt the designs more than helped them but I had to push forward and try for better things on the next page. In the end it doesn't look horrible but it could look a hell of a lot better. I was reading an amazing manga at this time, 21st Century Boys and that was inspiring me big time.

Again, thanks for all the comments, I hope you keep reading and enjoying the comic!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Chapter 1 - Page 2: Up and At 'Em!

Page 2! This was actually the first page I did, its actually how I thought this whole thing was going to start. I started playing with the idea of mixing in new technologies with the everyday, as the story takes place in the near-ish future, like 25 or so years from now. Katsumi, our main character, actually lives in the smallest prefecture in Tokyo, Tokyo 3. A major event in history changed the world we live in now. One of those things was the dividing of Tokyo into 3 parts, Tokyo 1, Tokyo 2 and Tokyo 3. Tokyo 3 has more of a smaller town vibe but still all the amenities of a big city. It's made up of smaller neighborhoods, which for the most part have not changed drastically from before the major event, but more on that later.

This page had me excited, I was just starting the first page and wanted something that set the bar for things to come. Now I look back and just see what I want to change but I told myself I would just keep moving forward, and change what I wanted now instead of revisiting what was already finished. I think it's better that way.

This page flashes back to before the events of page one. The work week is just getting started and robot crime is on the rise!!!

Thanks for all the great comments on the last page. I'm glad you all like it so far, enjoy!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Chapter 1 - Page 1: Big Robots in Little Tokyo3

First page. It wasn't the first page finished tho, I think I did this one 3rd. I was still working some style things out so I thought I'd save this one till I had things looking a little tighter.

This page kind of drops you right in on the action, and thats the point. Giant robots attacking the city? WTF!!!

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Apricot 7 is GO!

Welcome to the online home of Apricot 7!

This is the first post for what will be an ongoing comic project of mine. The goal is to produce something first and foremost, for myself. It's an exercise to help me grow not only as an artist but also as a storyteller. I have quite a story in mind for this so if anyone ends up reading this, I hope your in for a ride. This may only be a temporary home for the comic as I'd like something a little fancier than just a blog, but I couldn't wait any longer to get this online, so here it is!

The posts might not follow a specific deadline, I also work full-time as a concept artist and don't always have a lot of time for myself but when I do, I work on this little labor of love. So while this may not work for people used to reading their web comics on a weekly basis, all I can say is that if you stick around, you will not be disappointed.

As I post pages, I will also include notes for that page, like what I was listening to when I worked on that specific page, style/production notes and general nonsense but always in context to the page being posted. Expect a lot of change from page to page, I am constantly trying new things and am not tying myself down to any specific style or genre. Anything goes in this comic.

Now that doesn't mean I'll be changing things drastically, like going from say, manga style to american comics...the style for the most part is already set, but I will deviate if need be, find more ways to be efficient or change it if I just don't like whats going on. In the end I want the comic to be stylish, fun, and of as high quality as I can produce...that also takes time, so if it's not the way I want it, I won't post it til it's right.

So Enjoy, I really love making this comic, I hope that comes through and I hope you have a blast reading it. If you like action, mystery, adventure and intrigue, humor and hot girls, I think you'll enjoy!